Indoor Tanning Beds Are Safer Than You Think

There are various common misconceptions about indoor Tanning at salons and sun Tanning. The most common arguments usually made by anti-tanning activists is that tanning will lead to severe and permanent skin damage. While there is a certain amount of reality in that statement, it's also important to note that there are plenty of ways to give yourself that glowing tan while minimizing the so-called Heath risks.

Any time you choose to tan outside in the sun at the pool, at the beach or even anywhere for that matter, you are just offering your tender skin to different UV rays to damage and destroy. The natural sunlight rays contain both UVB and UVA,

The UVA rays are simply not the rays you want on your skin if you are looking for a tan, they are popularly known as the "burn rays, " and they are in charge of the burning your skin and turning it red after a tan.

While the UVB rays are popularly known to be responsible for the tanning effect, so these are the rays you want to focus on. If the sun's ray where just UVB rays then there will just be a little chance of you getting burnt.

It is thoroughly recommended that you make use of a good sunscreen anytime you need to be under the sun for an extended period, because of the harsh UVA rays and preventing it from burning and damaging your Beautiful skin.

The reliable and highly efficient indoor tanning beds have been designed to deliver only the UVB rays to the skin of the person getting the tan (most if the time it's 95%+UVB, 95 because it is tough to eliminate the UVA rays fully). This enhances the browning effect and reduces the burning effect, another point to take note of when checking the ups and downs of indoor tanning is that the average indoor tanning session lasts for at least 10 to 15 minutes, this is a small amount of time compared to the hours people spend under the sun at the pool or the Beach.

They are many indoor tanning bed lotions on the market that are very different from the regular tanning lotions used for natural sunlight. These indoor tanning lotions enhance the process of the tanning by harnessing the power of the UVB rays produced by the tanning bed thereby speeding up the browning effect as well as protecting the skin from the UVA rays with organic oils and moisturizers. These lotions smell very nice, lets you achieve a more obvious and even tan, and protects your beautiful skin from dangers of the dangerous rays; it is highly recommended to tan in moderation, even with indoor tanning one should never over tan in other to avoid permanent if not long-term damage and destruction.